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Therec is a human from the tribal Turessian society of the extreme north. Like most of their people, he was raised to believe that the dead are best honored by raising them as mindless undead, to be cared for and brought with the clan or tribe. This normal behavior for their society creates conflict with most other lands. He is a preserver, a skilled wizard and healer whose responsibility to his clan is as a tender of the undead, diplomat to neighboring nations or clans, and lastly as a warrior. As do all other Turessians, Therec has a series of tattoos around his eyes that indicate his training, clan, marital status, and achievements.

Therec is an ambassador from Turessi to Lantonne, dispatched there to help end the war between that city and Altis, as well as to mitigate tensions caused by the belief that Turessi is behind the undead incursions.

There is a main voice inĀ Sunset of Lantonne.

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