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In Eldvar, there are many things living in the wildlands that are unpredictable or alien to more civilized people. One such example are the fae.

The fae are a race of spirits, whose lives are bound to things found out in nature. One fae might be bound to a tree or an entire forest. Another might draw its life energy from a flowing stream. These creatures are as unpredictable as the wind, but will rarely travel far from whatever they draw strength from. The farther a fae gets from the source of its life, the weaker it becomes. The only known way to kill a fae is to destroy every piece of the source of their power, such as burning down every single tree in a forest, drying up a river, etc. Those who stumble into their lands might find themselves attacked or treated as the property of these creatures, who have no understanding of civilization or how mortals really work.

Fae-kin are a humanoid race that bears a physical resemblance to some fae spirits. As an example, a fae-kin dryad would appear mostly human, but with vines or leaves growing from their skin. It is not known if fae-kin are truly related or just similar to fae. Most lands widely accept these people. Aside from their appearance, they are not tremendously different from humans, though certain fae-kin have been known to live several hundred years (usually fae-kin with a strong resemblance to long-lived trees), while others might only live two or three years (often these are fae-kin who seem to have some affinity for storms).

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