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The wildlings are a sentient humanoid race of anthropomorphic animals, who have long lived on the edges of most civilized lands. Though nearly any "breed" of wildling might appear, they generally are of a type typical for that region. If an area has wildlife consisting of bears, wolves, and badgers, those will be the most likely breeds of wildlings found there as well. There are few limitations on what kind of natural animal might appear as a wildling, ranging from mammals, to insects, to birds.

Mixed-breed wildlings are not terribly common, even among larger groups of wildlings. They do on occasion appear, usually with the vast majority of their traits following one parent's lineage, but with minor indications of the other's bloodline. In the stories, Asrahn would be an example of this, being a mix of lion and fox. She is predominantly a lioness, but bears a few coloring changes that distinguish her as being less than purebred (specifically red streaks in her yellow fur). 

Wildlings have all the physical capabilities of a human, elf, or dwarf, but also tend to struggle with instincts that come from their breed type. This has led to many conflicts with civilized lands, as few other sentient creatures must control instincts to live nicely among other races.

The acceptance of wildlings varies by region. Altis long ago chose to treat wildlings as a form of wild animal, selling them in shops or using them as cheap labor. Lantonne went a different direction, allowing them full citizenship and rights. Most cities consider their status somewhere in-between these two. Despite the impression that is given in In Wilder Lands,  wildlings are not hated everywhere...just where it makes for a good story. As a general rule, wildlings are not accepted anywhere within a week's ride of Turessi.

Noteworthy wildling individuals in the storylines:

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