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The Turessians are a far-northern nomadic people that rarely have contact with the southern lands. When representatives are sent from those lands, they tend to be ambassadors, whose duty it is to show others that Turessi is not a threat and should be left alone.

The Turessian culture is built upon two principles. These are often told to outsiders by ambassadors.

1) Personal accomplishment is meaningless if it does not come with mental growth. The strongest person means far less than the simplest scholar.

2) Physical and mortal concerns are always petty. Life ends and we are all no better than rotting meat, but the intellectual accomplishments of a great person will outlive them.

The only other known detail about this land are that the Turessians are necromancers, though they believe that they honor their ancestors by raising them as mindless zombies. A Turessian would never dishonor their fallen relative by allowing the corpse to rot, so "Preservers" are hired within their society to keep the bodies looking as close as possible to how they did in life. In this way, the fallen can follow their nomadic descendants as a sort of walking memorial to who they were.

The last known direct contact with Turessi was several decades past, when an army was sent north to conquer the Turessians with the belief that their unwillingness to allow strangers into their lands hinted at great wealth. That army was never seen again and no ambassador has acknowledged even having heard of its coming.

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