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(Art by Darryl Taylor. Phaesys is the brown one on the right.)

Phaesys Herrouln is a fennec fox wildling and a main character, though not a voice, in Into the Desert Wilds. His name is pronounced, "fez-zus" or "fey-zus."

Born to a noble trading family in the city of Corraith, Phaesys is heir to his father's fortune and seat on the city council, should he learn skills that warrant his earning the seat. Failing to do so, he would become merely an heir to the money, not any prestige. Having little desire to follow in his father's footsteps as an enchanter and merchant, Phaesys has taken the military route in his life, not concerning himself with the council seat.

Phaesys' motivations at the start of Into the Desert Wilds are simple: Restore the city to its former glory, protect his father's position, and do his familial duties by marrying into a position appropriate to his birth.

At the start of Into the Desert Wilds, Phaesys is five years old (that's around 18-20 in human years).

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