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Altis is a city far up in the midland mountains, surrounded by high peaks. The only entrances to the lands of the city of Altis tend to be narrow and heavily-defended roads.

Over the centuries, Altis grew in power and expanded its influence far beyond the mountains. Once it had pushed out far enough, the city's lands no longer were so easily protected against attackers. Wars and skirmishes fill the last few centuries of Altis' history, mostly with the plains city-state of Lantonne.

The political structure of Altis for generations had been an absolute monarchy. About a hundred years before the war, Altis suffered violent civil wars that threatened to unseat the ruling family. In a concession in appearance only, the king at that time created a ruling council and declared that future rulers would only claim the title of Duke/Duchess. The reality is that little changed, other than titles.

Altis' reputation in the area was as both a trading hub and a place where one needed to be very careful if they were a foreigner or a race, culture, or religion that the current duke did not favor. Slavery of unwanted visitors was not just common, but expected in some situations. It was not unheard of for traveling merchants to be thrown into slavery when local buyers had a dispute. Despite this, with Altis sitting squarely along trade routes, it remained a vital location for merchants in the region.

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