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Corraith and the Corraithian desert are the southwestern part of the known parts of Eldvar. This sand-swept region is rarely the destination for any traveler, but rather a stopping point on the way to somewhere far more hospitable.

Given the focus in early books on Altis and Lantonne, it is worth noting that Corraith is approximately 1200 miles west and slightly south of Altis. These two regions are not known to have ever had direct contact and may be unaware of the existence of one another, given their distance and limited ability to travel in a medieval setting.

Corraith is a free city, though unlike Lantonne, all citizens are not equal. Social status is determined by a complicated system of family history, personal accomplishments, and one's profession. Dealers in food and water tend to be high on the social ladder due to their value to the community, while artists and other luxury dealers tend to be rather low as their goods are not essential.

Unlike the cities farther east, Corraith has had little use for walls. The low stone walls of the city are merely intended to act as a buffer against sandstorms or other minor threats. Given the distance of Corraith from any other city or major water source, there is little fear for invasion or roaming armies.

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