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Southeast of Altis and the mountains, Lantonne has stood for centuries as a bastion of free-thinking and free people. Standing in the middle of the plains, this high-walled city has endured hundreds of attacks by foreign armies that believed its location to be indefensible. What few realized is that Lantonne sits on its own underground water system, complete with cave networks that allowed food to be smuggled in during sieges. If that weren't enough to secure the city, the armies of Lantonne have been bolstered over the last century by a school of magic within the walls of the city that often lends its students to the military.

Unlike many lands around them, Lantonne has staunchly stood by a belief in keeping all citizens free of slavery and equal in most ways to one another. Despite having a king as the ruler of the city, the throne is passed to a new leader by common opinion, with some influence from the school of magic. Bloodlines mean nothing to the descendancy of the throne. This remarkably open government allowed Lantonne to thrive and adapt, embracing cultures far beyond those accepted in other lands.

Lantonne has had a reputation for accepting escaped slaves from other lands, so long as they are willing to work off the cost of their citizenship. Though some see this enforced work as a form of slavery, the majority of Lantonnians accept this is a temporary evil, until the would-be citizen could join them as an equal. The only true exception was that during wartime, a defector could be held until the end of the war, so long as their work, housing, and food were comparable to a Lantonnian citizen's.

Lantonne is the name not just for the city, but also the region encompassing the plains east and southeast of Altis.

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