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The Turessian Empire is little-known to most of the world. Though many people have heard the name in passing or seen a traveler from there passing through, information is distinctly lacking about this realm.

The location of Turessi in the snowy northern lands is fairly well-known, though no one travels there (at least not that others have heard of). In previous generations, several kingdoms attempted to invade the lands of Turessi to prove their military competence. None of these armies ever returned. Modern Turessians have claimed ignorance of what may have even happened as they are unaware of any wars in recent times.

Turessians are rumored to be necromancers, though they do so as a form of ancestor-worship. The deceased are brought back to serve their families and travel with the nomadic clans as a form of walking memorial to the life they once led. Those who dedicate themselves to maintaining the bodies of the dead are known among their people as "preservers" and are highly-respected. The dedication to the deceased has led most Turessians who travel abroad to openly criticize the "barbaric" habits of other lands in burying or burning their dead. Turessians view this as desecration or defiling of the memory of the dead.

The Turessian people are easily recognizable when they travel. Most wear dark-colored robes and similar clothing, preferring to keep any skin other than their heads covered at all times. Physical contact tends to be abhorrent to most Turessians and they will not only avoid it, but tend to avoid people or cultures that encourage public contact. Some higher-ranked Turessians tend to also shave their heads and claim that personal tributes such as hair are a distraction from one's own mind and the world around them. Nearly all Turessians are tattooed in some fashion, with markings around or near their eyes indicating some form of status, relationship, or profession, though the details of their tattoos' meaning has never been fully explained to outsiders.

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